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Country USA

Style Melodic Rock/AOR

The maxim in the music business – “Here today, gone tomorrow” – is the alegerical antithesis of the popular group Anthem. Formed by songwriter,singer and keyboard player David Berry over eight years ago-Anthem has been enjoying a rising wave of popularity ever since. The genesis of this phenomenon is clear: the group’s open passion for what they are doing and the talent,creativity,showmanship and energy to captivate audiences with each performance.

The Anthem phenomenon began with it’s first album, appropriately entitled “Anthem” which was released in 1979. The album’s hit single “It’s you” was charted a number one record in markets in the United States. The album’s success transformed the group from a “local attraction” to a national touring act headlining and appearing in concert with such group as Cheap Trick and Foreigner. Anthem’s popularity alse generated several television specials which were aired with much fanfare and success.

Anthem’s second album-due to be released in the early 1985- is over two years in the making and should prove to be even more popular than it’s first if early reviews of the materials are any measure. wo tracks from the upcoming album “Somewhere in Time” and “I Love to See you Fire” will be released as a 45-rpm record immediately prior to the album’s release. Both the LP and the single feature songs that have become Anthem’s hailmark, Contemporary Hit Music with progressive influences.

The success of Anthem’s first album is a tribute to the songwriting and production talents of David Berry. A musician for over two decades. David’s wide-ranging skills were captured in the Anthem’s album in his role as a lyricist,composer,arranger,performer (keyboards,French horn,lead and backing vocals,percussion) and associate producer, David’s handwork in the Anthem album was described by Billboard as “well-crafted” and “solid”.

Penny “P.J.” Jones (lead vocals and synthesizer) her early goal was to sing in opera but the popular music scene always seemed attractive and more fun to her. She decided to join Anthem in 1982 after a voice teacher told her she would have “to gain 30 pounds in order to have an opera career”. Kelly Israel (lead and backing vocals) began her music carrer as a participant in a beauty contest where her forte in the talent competition was her voice. She joined Anthem in 1983 after graduation from Anderson College in South Carolina.

The departure of Kelly from the beauty world and “P.J.” from the Luciano Pavaroti scene brought to Anthem’s “adult contemporary sound” talent and visual appeal that has been acclaimed comparable with that of Stevie Nicks, Laura Branigan and Linda Ronstadt. It is no wonder, therefore, that Anthem is playing to packed nightclubs and sellout crowds from Washington D.C. to New Orleans.

Anthem has all the essential ingredients for spectacular success-lots of exceptional talent,good looks,creativity, a friendly charismatic nature that makes you like them personally and professionally- and a confident determination that hard work,creative expression,dedication and realistic lpanning will virtually guarantee the group even greater recognition in the future.

– Anthem [1978]
– New Evidence [1985]

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