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Country Argentine

Style Hard Rock

Gady Pampillon and Mario Ian started playing together at a very young age ; they would play covers of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Creedence and some songs written by them.

When the Alakran project came to life, Mario was playing with another band : Hellion. So, he wasn’t actually there when the band formed but he would have been one of the members who actually led the band till its end.

Gady met Mario Curcio in the Salòn del Oeste, the very only place in Lanís where you could actually play some rock. It is said that the guitarist, while driving his car, was left speechless when he heard his mate singing a Van Halen song. He invited him later on to join one of their shows and that’s how they formed Alakran with the following line-up : Mario Curcio (vocals), Gady Pampillon (guitar), Marcelo B.B. (drums).

In 1985,the Hellion bassist and vocalist joined Alakran and recorded their first demo with the tracks “Alguien nos divide” and “Pìdanle a los cielos”. The line-up changed and featured : Mario Ian (vocals), Gady Pampillon (guitars), Yulie Ruth (bass), Marcelo B.B. (drums).

After a while though, the guitarist Gady Pampillon went playing with the band La Torre (Oscar Mediavilla and Patricia Sosa) so the band replaced him with Sergio Leòn ; with him, the band strated to gain popularity and, in 1986, it was nominated best band of the year in the Encuesta Nacional Metàlica. They were the very first local band in the Motley Crue glam style. The updated line-up was : Mario Ian (vocals), Sergio Leòn (guitar), Yulie Ruth (bass), Marcelo B.B. (drums).

During that period, the band recorded independently the single “Vagabundear” and, thanks to its success and videoclip later recorded, they could start thinking about recording an album. However, the band had line-up problems again and they had to look around for other musicians, that’s when they met the guitarist Walter Curry. They eventually finished recording the album to have their debut in the Halley club. The actual line-up was : Mario Ian (vocals), Walter Curry (guitar), Yulie Ruth (bass), Ricky El Griego (drums). The song “Vagabundear” was voted as best song of the year in the Metal magazine survey.

The very hit of the album was “Siempre que pienso en vos” and, to promote it, they recorded a videoclip.  In January 1990, they played at the Superdomo de Mar del Plata together with Rata Blanca, JAF and Tarzen (that featured Gady Pampillion as rythmic guitarist). In February they supported, together with Tarzen, Bon Jovi ; the band had the chance to present their music in front of many,many people. They were successful and in September they took part in the Halley en Obras festival in front of 4.000 people who gathered to attend the show and see, among the others, Rata Blanca, JAF, Kamikaze, Lethal and Alvacast.

In 1991 they edited in Mexico their first record, under the independent label Gas, but when they had to start recording it, the band had to face inner problems and eventually replaced their drummer with the 16 years old Pablo Naydòn. The band line-up that time was the following : Mario Ian (vocals), Walter Curry (guitar), Yulie Ruth (bass), Pablo Naydòn (drums), David Rotten (keyboards).

Otra Vez en las Calles, the name of their second LP, was released in spring 1991. It included the ballad “Soy libre igual”. Sadly though, the album didn’t gain much success, despite a better quality sound and a very good album cover. Probably, one of the reasons, was the continuos changes in the line-up that left Mario and Yulie without members. In summer 1992 they played in the Atlantic Coast as AC/DC tribute and in the meantime they started looking for new musicians for the incoming year. They finally formed a new line-up : Mario Ian (vocals), Yulie Ruth (bass), Mariano Barret (guitar), Andy Fernàndez (guitar), El Dukke (drums).

After a while they had to replace the drummer with Ricardo Alonso, alias El Griego.  To add some more melody to the band, they added a keyboardist who they invited to the shows : Pablo Finger, who played with them before the debut album. Finally David Rotten, who later became a stable member of the band, played with them for their second album.

In May, after supporting L.A. Guns at the Halley, Yulie decided to leave the band. They replaced him with Marcelo Black with whom they kept playing gigs here and there. However, Mario decided to put an end to the story. Mario was called to replace Adriàn Barilari in Rata Blanca and there the vocalist could work on new tracks.

In 1997 Mario released a compilation containing the best tracks of Alakran where he also included the demo version of Alguien nos divide”, with Gady Pampillon playig guitars, and the song from the second album “En nadie confìo”. The celebration was completed with the band’s return (without Yulie Ruth) for a number of shows and for the tv channel Canal Mùsica. The line-up was the following : Mario Ian (vocals), Walter Curry (guitar), Hernàn Garcìa (bass), Pablo Naydòn (drums), Pablo Hortas (keyboards).

They also took part in the second edition of the Metal Rock Festival and this event was recorded in a live album containing a track for each band. “Traidor” was the song for Alakran. After all this, Mario was sure about putting an end to the band in the right way. He worked hard on Devenir, a more personal music project where he hosted Pablo Naydòn (drums) and Sergio Leòn (guitars) who left soon after headed to Spain. With the new millenium, and with many 80’s bands reunited together again, some started rumoring about a possible reunion for Alakran.

This actually happened on the 6th of July 2002 where the band showed up with the very last line-up, plus Javier Retamozo, as hosted keyboardist. The band held a new show in a small place and that was barely advertised, with only a few people attening. For this reason and management’s, they decided to put an end again to the band. The musicians who formed Alakran during the years all went for other projects, some had luck some others didn’t.



– Vagabundear [1989]
– Otras Vez En Las Calles [1991]
– Alakran [1997]





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