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Country Sweden

Style AOR

Abu Abu Zimbel was formed in 1984 by five young music students in Norrköping, Sweden. At the time they were 15 years of age. The young prodigies were:

Jonas Franke-Blom: Lead vocals & Key board * Nicklas Brönner: Key board * Magnus Bång: Guitar * Mats Annemalm: Bass & Backing vocals * Magnus Fritz: Drums & Backing vocals

Very soon they went into the studio and recorded some demos. The equipment had a lot to ask for and the technician looked like an old worn out junkie, but the recordings still gave a taste of what was to come. Abu Zimbel kept on rehearsing and perfecting their style and in 1986 they went into the studio again. This time to record a self produced, self financed vinyl single. It featured the songs “Beyond the Sun” and “Survive”. The band did not have a distrubution company, so they simply went out to the local record stores and asked the owners if they please would like to have the Abu Zimbel records for sale in their store. They agreed and as it turned out enough records were sold to pay for the enterprise.

In 1987 Max Malmgren joined the band as the new lead vocalist. Jonas could now concentrate fully on playing the key board and backing Max up together with Fritz and Mats with phat vocal harmonies. Once again the band went into the studio and recorded a couple of songs with the new singer.

Abu Zimbel - Demos & More bAfter some differences Nicklas Brönner and Magnus Bång left the band in 1989 and in came Torbjörn Fall as the new guitar player. Torbjörn also enriched the band with one more voice for the vocal harmonies. Abu Zimbel was now complete and the diamond was finally cut. At the tender age of 18 the guys were now ready to lay the world at their feet. The squad now looked as follows:

Max Malmgren: Lead vocals * Jonas Franke-Blom: Key board & Backing vocals * Torbjörn Fall: Guitar & Backing vocals * Mats Annemalm: Bass & Backing vocals * Magnus Fritz: Drums & Backing vocals

Well, as tradition will have it in the fair Kingdom of Sweden, when a young man reaches the admirable age of 18 the King calls upon him to come and become a man in his great and mighty host. So the members of Abu Zimbel went forth to serve their beloved King and were scattered for the winds and naught has been heard from them since. So if you would happen to see one of them come wandering down a lonely road in battered and worn out armour, yet proud and strong, tell him that the time has come to rejoin his brethren in the temple of Abu Zimbel.


– Beyound the Sun / Survive [1986]
– Demos & More 1985 – 1989 [1991]

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