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Country Mexico

Style Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

The name comes from the song “April”, inspired by the success of Deep Purple. The illusion of creating music, to rock in Spanish, decent, original and interesting, was present in each of its members. His career is divided into three major chapters that would mark his life and legacy.

The initial stage culminates with the presentation of their first album, the December 8, 1988. Until then, the band members had as Arturo Dominguez, in the voice; Rafael “Quico” Hernandez and Jose Luis Dominguez, on guitar, Hector Castillo on drums, Javier Vila, on keyboards; Armando Ortiz, in voice, Victor Trejo, on keyboards, and Fernando Marin on bass and musical composition.

These nine years were very important, with unforgettable performances, which alternated with Chac Mool, Pandora’s Box, Group No, Newspaper, Manchuria and many other groups began to excel in our country. If you talk about those times, you can not ignore that Cecilia Toussaint emerged as a major star of the national rock movement thanks to a small but important part of April and supported the musical arrangements of Fernando Marin.

In late 1987, April had no vocalist (Arturo Dominguez resigned) and his position was filled by Armando Ortiz (former Axis), who joined the group to record the first job. .. This album, titled April, made an excellent impression on the fans of the genre and even continues to have loyal fans. The interest shown by the public and the popularity of the disk in question, are partly due to the cover was very different from the usual, showing a skeleton with a rose in her right hand and holding an electric guitar with the left.

In the second stage, continued working to launch “Testament” in 1994, released in the new CD (the previous was published in acetate and cassette). However, Hector Castillo, Hernandez and Armando Ortiz Quico were no longer with April. René Michel Grimaldi and Guadarrama recorded drums and vocalist position was occupied by Isaac Alvarado, arguably the best rock singer that has given our country. The songs were mostly written by Gaston Ramirez again. April is perhaps the only group which, like Camel and Procol Harum, has ground to a lyricist.

It took fifteen years for the band (thick and thin, and blood and fire) record a new album. This is largely due to the stubbornness and the illusion of Ricardo Silva, Fernando Marin, Victor Trejo and Gaston Ramirez. In these three decades the group underwent many changes: Jose Luis Dominguez was replaced by the excellent guitarist Ricardo Silva, Carlos Marin (the eldest son of Fernando) is now the drummer, while Javier Vila and Hector Castillo returned like the proverbial prodigal son collaborate on some issues.

In this latest album, the music is clear that April has won power and sincerity. Group members attribute the above to two things: a friendship that keeps them together, and the fact that for them, the rock is a way of understanding life. The latest work, humorous and cryptically titled IV, is the proof that the heterogeneous April elegant musical imagination is more alive than ever.


– Abril [1988]
– Testamento [1994]
– Abril IV [2009]

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