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Balance – Stray Dogs [2016]

Country Chile

Style Hard Rock

Rating 78/100

Band Members Wladimir Guzmán – Vocals,guitars, Francisco Tapia – Keyboards, Roberto Candia – Guitars, Juan Carlos Yañez – Bass, Leonardo Espoz – Drums

Tracks 01. Ignition, 02. Asses Up!, 03. Get Outta My Face, 04. Inside a Dream, 05. Gimme, 06. Reach for the Stars, 07. I Can Make It, 08. Woman, 09. Stray Dog, 10. Desert Sand, 11. Anguish and Fear, 12. Midnight Lady, 13. Waltz of Death (feat. Yesenia Sierra), 14. Agony

Profile Balance is a musical project that marks its beginning in 2009. Wladimir Guzman started this project thinking of doing a rock band, and Treasury mainly with songs written in English songs. However, for various reasons, could not advise of the right to carry out this project people, delaying their further training. Years later, Wladimir decided to concentrate on writing new material instead of searching for people who could help in the project. It was thanks to this material, 2014, he met Francisco Tapia, another musical composer who is motivated to give a new touch to the songs, improving their sound. Both partners continued to produce more songs to captivate other musicians who could join this project. Again, people came and went, but the project would go up no matter what.

Then Roberto Candia joined on guitar-driven sound and motivation of those who, until now, had been the engine of the band, whose name is not yet decided. Balance name was around long in the minds of Wladimir, along with the concept that lay behind this: Balance is balance, it is understood that each of the members who can integrate the band will have their different influences. This can be an advantage when composing and creating new sounds, keeping the balance in their sound, without focusing purely on a single style, but giving the opportunity to experience and achieve that balance, that balance. The others agreed with this idea so that, at the time, was born Balance, the project. In early 2015, Balance presents its first downloadable EP, getting good feedback from those who had heard.

The material contained 13 songs marked by the hard rock (main influence of Wladimir Guzman) but balancing of syrupy ballads and epic and orchestral works of nature, always seeking to honor the name of the project. Some members have entered and then removed from the band, but the musical spirit remains. Today, the writing process is still in force, the sound of the band is still evolving and experimenting with new sounds, with 2 new songs, a single on the way and many ideas and surprises in mind.

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Balance - Stray Dogs [2016], 10.0 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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