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Bad City – Welcome To The Wasteland [2010]

Country USA          Style Hard Rock

Rating 85/100

Band Members
Jake Serek – Bass, Josh Caddy – Vocals, Kevin Kane – Drums, Max Perenchio – Guitars, Tom Schleiter – Guitars

01. Showdown In Central Park (4:40), 02. Take Me For A Ride (3:44), 03. Do You Believe In Rock ‘N’ Roll (3:44), 04. Wildlife (4:18), 05. Fire In The Pouring Rain (3:57), 06. Call Pall Stanley (4:39), 07. Heatwave (3:35), 08. Look Out! (4:56), 09. Touch (3:36), 10. Straight To The Grave (4:01)


“Welcome to the wasteland” is the debut album by American melodic hard rock band “Bad City”. This release turned out to be an unexpectedly pleasant surprise despite initial reserves regarding the modern approach on the songwriting.

Yes, there is a modern feel to the album, but the traditional rock elements here definitely outweigh the modern. And `Bad City’ has managed to combine the most identifiable characteristic of the melodic rock/hard rock genre: For starters the album is filled with twin guitar melodies on the opening riffs, on the choruses, during the solos-courtesy of Max Perenchio and Tom Schleiter; In addition the choruses are consistently large, sometimes they come out more anthemic, other times more playful and glamorous. For that matter lead singer Josh Caddy takes up on such diverse vocal performances spanning from `Queen’ to `Danger Danger’. Finally the rhythm section of drummer Kevin Kane and Jake Serek explore a wide range of rhythm patterns moving from groovy tempos to 80’s big tom rhythmic. Favorite tracks include `Take me for a ride’, `Wild life’ and `Straight to the grave’.

So naturally the performances tend to be very energetic, diverse and differentiated from one another. `Welcome to the wasteland’ is indeed good time melodic hard rock yet one reaches the conclusion that you need a good number of plays to totally come to terms with the album; It is not due to complicated arrangements or anything particularly hard to listen to, but simply because it brings together so may different rock approaches- while melody is the consistent element that keeps the `Bad City’ structure together and makes their debut so infectious.

By Nikiforos V. Skoumas

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