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Career Opportunities for Violist

The viola is one of the most infamous instruments in the world and a challenge to master no less. With patience and determination, the world of a violist may reveal new paths and opportunities to take. Not just limited to a certain type of performance, a violist may also participate in other career paths involving their field of expertise. Here are several career opportunities that may interest the passionate violist:


  1. Professional musician: This is the job coveted and aspired by most violists. A professional violist is an individual proficient in the art of playing the viola. He/she can be seen in front of large audiences, such as in well-known orchestras and concerts,  or on prestigious occasions. Violists under this category are often able to secure good salaries often enabling these players to make this career option their primary source of income.
  2. Violist teacher: A player may be interested in passing down one’s knowledge and passion about the beloved viola! This is an amazing way to continue preserving the widespread use of the instrument and to create opportunities for students who may foster a love for the viola.
  3. Composer: Having musical training and background in the viola helps to equip potential composers with the prior technique that they need to compose their own music!  If a player wants to get involved in the more commercial side of the industry, composing is an amazing way to do it! Composers usually create music for advertisements, games, films, and the like.
  4. Talent agent: If you believe that your path in life is to help other musicians live out their passions, then you could also use your experience in learning the viola to nurture talents! As a talent agent, you will be tasked to manage gigs and promotions of an artist or an aspiring musician.
  5. Entertainer: If you are fond of delighting or performing in front of social groups, becoming an entertainer may be the path for you! Many gatherings such as weddings, parties, company events, and bars look for string players to lighten the mood or to perform for their visitors.

Your passion for the viola, then, may lead to other promising opportunities ahead! That being said, keep working towards your goals and improving your skills! If you keep an open mind and trust in your talent, there are many doors that will be open for you in the music industry. Whether it be as a performer, creator, manager or an educator…there are definitely many options for you to choose from in the near future!


Rea Ragay

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