Zia – Out of Control [2009]

zia-oocCountry Sweden          

Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 84/100

Band Members Sofia Ingemarsson – Vocals

Tracks 01. Rock Now, 02. I live my Dream, 03. Say you Love me, 04. In the Eye of the Storm, 05. Who will be the Winner, 06. You Own my Heart, 07. She Feels, 08. Livin’ in a Hurricane, 09. Desperado, 10. Undependable

Profile At age seven, she started playing the piano. Her brother played the base in a metal band. He taught her how to head bang, and instantly, she was hooked. But radio hit songs caught up with her and she did a lot of dancing and parts in musicals. When she entered the stage she knew – this is what she want to do in life.

In high school, she often hanged out at her brother’s friend’s studio. She got acquainted with Marcus Dernulf and also Samuel Waermö. Samuel offered HER work as an assistant during the recording of Bon Jovi’s album Bounce. This truly wet her appetite. She set up her own studio at home, and her inspiration and passion for music got a real boost. She then faced a dilemma – whether to continue working entirely with music, or embarking on studies.

In younger years she anticipated a career in business, walking along the same path as her father and her older siblings. She knew that her parents wanted her to get an education, securing her future. Today she has her own company, Yabai AB. She strive to operate within the music industry, for now promoting herself but in the future also to favour others.

Her songs are filled with attitude, sincere lyrics with the emphasis on melodies and she is known among friends as a girl with spirits. The opening track “Rock Now” is definetely the highlight of the album which is a powerful and melodic rock tune with a good chorus….Worth a try if you find it.


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Zia - Out of Control [2009], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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