World Affairs – Who You Are [1995]

Country USA          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 78/100

Band Members Jay Nevens – Lead vocals, Scott Ramsay – Guitar, Tony TerBorg Keyboards,vocals, Tommy Rask – Bass, David Ramirez – Drums

Tracks 01. Stand Aside, 02. The Call, 03. Who U Are, 04. Let It Go, 05. Soul 2 Soul, 06. Beggars Fortune

Profile World Affairs’ album is one more rarity in our days. A good collection of hard rock songs mixed with some progressive elements. The band formed in 1991 by Scott Ramsay with many changes to the line-up until he find the right pieces to the puzzle and this line up of guys have been together for about two years.  Other band members consist of vocalist Jay Neyens, who works on special effects for films, most recently, Clive Barker’s “Lord of Illusions” and drummer Dave Ramirez, who teaches marching band in Orange County.

“World Affairs” just released their first album, “Who You Are” in 1995 on Classic Concert Records. It took them a while to produce their first album. Everything that could have possibly gone wrong during production, did. The art for the album jacket is very articulate and kind of psychedelic. Unless you look at the cover very closely, you will miss a lot.

Ramsay describes their sound as a “hard rock vibe” and is very adamant about the fact that it is “definitely not grunge.” Bands have to come up with a name that applies to their music, explains Ramsay. “World Affairs” is a socially conscious name. The band has been playing gigs around town and in and in Vegas. When it comes to rock, the L.A. scene is pretty dead. If you’re not mainstream grunge or punk, there isn’t much going on. The band has been trying different avenues and are being scoped out by an Indie company in Europe. For now says Ramsay, “we’re just playing it by ear.”

“Who You Are” contains six tracks. The music is hard, heavy and fast with some excellent guitar and steady rocking beat. The vocals are hypnotic and powerful at the same time and the lyrics are really sensitive and meaningful. “World Affairs” is a group made up of some really talented guys who seem very down to earth.

Lela Meadow


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