Word of Honour – Heat of the Moment [1991]

Country Australia

Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 84/100

Band Members Glenn Goldsmith – Guitars,backing vocals, Konrad Park – Drums,backing vocals, Lyndsay Hammond – Vocals, Mick Leach – Bass

Tracks 01. One Love, 02. 77 Wreck, 03. Heat of the Moment, 04. Power for Love, 05. Sex Attack, 06. Winners, 07. Tea and Sympathy, 08. Gangster Stories, 09. Loving You, 10. King and Country

Profile Word of Honour were a Melbourne based rock band formed in 1991 by Lyndsay Hammond, founding member of Cheetah. The band’s one and only work “Heat of the Moment” released by WOH Records in 1991 gain lots of reputation and the band toured in around area. Songs on this record were materials for a second Cheetah album that never released. Amazing quality of songs, catchy tunes and tight production. They were active till 1995 when they disbanded. Mick Leach was the bassist of Buster Brown.

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