Wolfchild – Wolfchild [2006]

Country Finland          Style Hard Rock

Rating 84/100

Band Members
Jaska Koivusilta – Bass, Kim Högberg – Vocals, Guitars, Marko Purosto – Guitars, Tom Nousiainen – Drums

01. I Walk Away (4:12), 02. Don’t Shoot Me (4:08), 03. Like A Dog (3:30), 04. One Woman (4:07), 05. Out From The Blues (5:11), 06. Cuts Like A Knife (4:17), 07. Gasoline (3:10), 08. Queen Of The Streets (5:03), 09. Day By Day (3:49), 10. Shadow Zone (4:28)


The story of Wolfchild began at 2002, when Purosto, Koivusilta &Nousiainen were looking for a new singer. With addition of a new vocalist/guitar player Kim Högberg (ex-Helion, Bulldozer, etc..), the band crystallize their idea of classic 70-80’s hard rock style, band chemistry finally right, band began to work at their first offering,Tales of the urban decadence. Ep got great reviews, and number of gigs followed: from festivals to smoky bars all over Finland. Including a gig for opening Paul dia’nno &The Killers, Encoremetal.com also recorded the show for a further release. At 2004 the band began to work new(now sold out) release called Toxic.

Recordings began November 2004 at Rockstar studios, with the producer Lari Takala; cd was mastered march 2005 at sound supreme by Janne Saksa. Toxic got great reviews around the world and gained great interest in record companies in Finland and U.S.A. Wolfchild decided to record their self-financed debut album with same producer Lari Takala once again behind the mixing desk.Recordings began at October 2005,cd was mastered march 2006 at sound supreme by Janne Saksa. Wolfchild made a deal with Perris records for releasing their self-titled debut-album in 17 countries june 2006.Track from the album”One Woman” is featured on the new Perris compilation album “Hollywood Hairspray Vol. 6. In january 2007 Band and Högberg go their separate ways,new guy Mika Siitonen steps in and the band takes a touring guitarist Antti Röksä in.

Then the shit hit the fan big time. Bassplayer Jaska Koivusilta died in early april. The band decided to rock on, no matter what. Antti Röksä joined the band as a fulltime member around that time too. The search for a new bassplayer went fine, since the band asked Jaska´s long time friend Rude to join the band. He agreed and so Wolfchild is ready to strike again! Now, as a five piece, with new material written, the boys are ready to play gigs again and start preparing the recordings for the next Wolfchild album. Real rock will never die!

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