Wild – Wild 1 [1988]

PhotobucketCountry USA          Style Hard Rock

Rating 83/100

Band Members John Wildblood – All Instruments, Todd Barrone – Vocals

Tracks 01. Mean Dream Queen (4:07), 02. High Ryder (3:43), 03. Motor Angel (4:23), 04. Preecha Man (3:27), 05. Sex Junkie (3:29), 06. Running Wild (3:36), 07. She Drew Blood (3:50), 08. Church Master Jammer (2:22), 09. Groove God (4:46), 10. Hot 4 Love (4:30), 11. Hurricane (3:15)

Profile Wild’s history is vague at best, though it is known that the band came to life in Los Angeles in 1985. Known then as “The Wild”, the band featured multi-instrumentalist, Dizzy Reed, of Guns ‘n Roses fame. The band were a fixture on the club circuit for several years before being offered a one-off deal from Columbia Records. Essentially a duo in the studio, Reed and vocalist Todd Barrone handled all of the chores (along with producer Andy Wallace) in creating their self-titled debut, which hit stores in early 1988.

The album failed to ignite the charts, due mostly to non-existent promotion and corporate shakeups happening at the label that year. As a result, Dizzy Reed jumped ship to join GNR, leaving the band effectively dead in the water. Barrone’s whereabouts are unknown, though he is rumored to be a born again minister in Nevada. Sporting a futuristic musical viewpoint, “Wild 1” is nothing short of amazing.

Taking elements of techno and industrial music (before either term had ever been commercially recognized) blended with hard rock, Wild crafted a sound that in retrospect can be called visionary. Predating the indsutrial metal movement by several years, the band along with Zodiac Mindwarp can be easily credited as forerunners of the genre. With sinewy keyboards, bleeps, triggered drums, guitar synths and sleazy charismatic vocals, “Wild 1” is a fantastic batch of hook driven electronic hard rock.

Missing all of the excesses of bands who came along years later, the album sports a sleek and minimalistic approach that allows the arrangements to breathe and the hooks to stand uncluttered. It is really amazing this album failed to reach a wider audience.


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Wild - Wild 1 [1988], 8.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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2 Responses to “Wild – Wild 1 [1988]”

  1. I have always had my doubts that Dizzy Reed was ever involved in Wild. I don’t think The Wild (his old band) had anything to do with this awesome album, which I bought new in 1988! Two different projects. Somehow, someday I will find out what became of this project.

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  2. The Tap Dancing Terrior says:

    Just picked up a copy for 2GBP from a metal bargain bin at the local record store in Downtown Huddersfield, UK!

    It’s a promo copy and looks like it has never been played 🙁 which probably explains a lot and why I have never heard of The Wild, or Wild 1. It’s certainly decent, not over produced and raw. In 1988, if someone could have been bothered to grab them, they could have done well in the same way as Vain, LA Guns, Tigertailz, etc etc….


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