Wild and Skinny – No Money! [1993]

Country South Korea

Style Glam/Hard Rock

Rating 83/100

Band Members

Tracks 01. The Man Who Sold the Sun, 02. No Money, 03. Maybe East, 04. Sad Scene, 05. Shadow of the Time, 06. Fan the Flame, 07. Mr. Brown, 08. Rainy Day, 09. Silence, 10. Party Addiction, 1. Big Lies

Profile They just don’t make’em like this anymore. As good as many of the current/new hard rock/glam bands are (Crashdiet, HEAT, Reckless Love, to name but a few), few of them have that “vintage” sound delivered by some of the classic sleaze bands (Alleycat Scratch, Slik Toxic, Faster Pussycat, etc). This one time release by Wild And Skinny (recorded in 1992/93, and issued on CD in 1996- literally- to a few hundred copies), delivered that classic sleaze sound so many are still after today.

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