Voice – Welcome [1990]

trthrtCountry Germany

Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 80/100

Band Members Uwe Stephan – Drums, Burkhard Schmierer – Bass,acoustic guitars, Martin Bos – Keyboards, Ralf Günther – Guitars, Daniel Grossbach – Vocals, Klaus Heuser – Trumpet

Tracks 01. Welcome (Intro) (1:40), 02. Keep On Living (4:15), 03. Love Hurts (4:50), 04. City News (3:52), 05. Close To Your Dreams (3:16), 06. Sorry (3:26), 07. Life Full Of Lifetime (4:43), 08. Black Sun (5:49), 09. Together (4:01), 10. (I’m Just A) Little Dreamer (4:47)

Profile From Baden-Württemberg coming Voice started as a school band in 1979, where the first years were marked by wild samples, lots of fun and some personnel changes. When keyboardist Martin Bos joined the band in 1985 started to work more professional and the result was their first single “Time Is Money” among the song “I`m Just A Little Dreamer” came out in 1987 while in 1988 the song “Time Is Money” shot as a video which achieved the third place in an international competition. September 1990 found the band with the release of their debut album titled “Welcome”comes in the internal charts of the German rock musician Association on place #13. 

It´s for sure a little unusual thing that there is a trumpet included most of the tracks. But IMO it works well. All in all very catchy aor/melodic rock with lots of keyboards, a bit on the softer side like Surprises or No Credit. Welcome was their first release. Apart from the keyboard player the band still exists until today with the same line up. Plays gigs from time to time but actually as a coverband. “Welcome” it’s rare to found nowdays limited in 1500 copies as their second release “Rock Stuff” came out in 1996.




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