Vivian Touch – No Way Out! [1994]

Country Germany

Style Melodic Rock/AOR/Pop

Rating 78/100

Band Members Walter Kuhlmann, Jürgen “Kulle” Peters, Detlef Reinert – Guitars

Tracks 01. Hello (0:39), 02. Where Are You? (3:47), 03. Gua Lele’ Sagola (3:58), 04. Let You Go (5:23), 05. The Archer Song (4:17), 06. Restless (3:40), 07. Dance Of Love (2:24), 08. Here Comes Johnny (4:20), 09. No Way Out (4:35), 10. Get Off My Back (3:28), 11. Don’t Say Hello (4:32), 12. TV-Healing (3:42), 13. Just Me (4:19)

Profile Vivian Touch released this album at a small indie label A-fair Records in 1994 in very limited quantities. There are 13 tracks that reminds of German AOR acts like Rescue, Surprises, Channel 5, Seasons in Color and Endless. Opener “Where Are You” for example comes along with swirling keys and cool guitars and reminds me of the mighty Channel 5 or Surprises.

With “Let You Go” there’s also a tasty midtempo Westcoast song on this album that totally sounds like Seasons in Color. The same goes to “Restless” a very catchy and atmospheric song, while the titletrack “No Way Out” brings immediately Rescue and Endless. It seems to be one of the rarest indie AOR gems from Germany with the right mix of keyboards and guitars and melodic songs.

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