Violin Key – Violin Key [1995]

VIOLINKEY_VKCountry Germany

Style Hard Rock

Rating 78/100

Band Members Peter Kutschki – Vocals, Mike Fengler – Bass, Uwe F. Heyer – Drums, Christian Casaccia – Guitar, Charles Mesaros – Guitars

Tracks 01. Wise Woman, 02. Into The Light, 03. Southbound, 04. Take Me By The Hand, 05. Nothing Lasts Forever, 06. Take My Heart, 07. Black Noise, 08. Set Me Free, 09. I Don’t Love You, 10. On My Way, 11. Strange Illusion, 12. The Holy, 13. Hold On, 14. Fun Metal Jacket, 15. Take Away

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Profile VIOLIN KEY was formed in February 1980 by Charles Mesaros (leadguitar) and Peter Kutschki (vocal). Fortunately they found Uwe F. Heyer quite soon – he is the magic drummer and ultimative “rhytm-machine” for VIOLIN KEY.

At this time, two additional members joined the band: Peter Rekowski (guitar) and Ralf Hemmers (bass). VIOLIN KEY played successfully in local clubs around Duisburg, Germany. From the beginning the band played only their own songs. A lot of fans came to their shows and enjoyed their excellent performance live on stage.

As times went by, Rekowski and Hemmers left the band. The line-up changed several times until Mike Fengler (bass) became a member in 1988. In spring 1994, the 17 year old Christian Casaccia (also leadguitar) joined the band. Christian is Charles Mesaros’s cousin and was an addicted fan of the band since he was a 5 years old boy. This enabled him to play all the old songs which the band had nearly forgotten.

In this formation VIOLIN KEY entered the BWS-Studios in winter 1995 to record an album that was also called VIOLIN KEY. After a great time and selling the album very well around the world, VIOLIN KEY Key split in 1997. Just Charles and Uwe remained and decided to continue rocking in that typical style of the band.


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