Veralin – Opposites [1997]

VERALIN_OCountry Netherlands          

Style Hard Rock/Melodic Metal

Rating 84/100

Band Members Mirjam van Doorn – Vocals, Niels Hoppe -Guitar, Cleem Determeijer – Keyboards, Peter Vink – Bass, Remco Klaasse – Drums

Tracks 01. Lay Your Heart on the Line, 02. Opposites, 03. If You Go Now, 04. My Living Dream, 05. In The Fields, 06. Save the Children, 07. Love Is All, 08. Give Me a Chance, 09. Paradise, 10. Nimrods, 11. My Heart is Burning, 12. On and On, 13. Keep on Fighting, 14. Scarred For Life, 15. Who’s Got the Blame

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Profile In this site we have already talked about Veralin and their mini album back in 1993. Now we have here a complete full album more powerful, that came out in 1997 independently and produced by Peter Vink, with a guest appearance by Ayreon’s Arjen Anthony Lucassen. The album offer us a variety of hard rock and metal tunes, with a prog touch in some parts, great production, bombastic keys and great vocals. The powerful opening song “Lay your Heart on the Line” among the up tempo ballad “Save the Children”, the progressive lyrical ballad “Love Is All” and the masterpiece of hard pop “On and On” are some of the best songs of the record, that worth your attention….If you like bands like The Boxx, Finch, Q65, Big Wheel and Ayreon….


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