Unisonic – Unisonic [2012]

UNISONIC_STCountry Germany          

Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 85/100

Band Members Dennis Ward – Bass, Kai Hansen – Guitars, Kosta Zafiriou – Drums, Mandy Meyer – Guitars, Michael Kiske – Vocals

Tracks 01. Unisonic, 02. Souls Alive, 03. Never Too Late, 04. I’ve Tried, 05. Star Rider, 06. Never Change Me, 07. Renegade, 08. My Sanctuary, 09. King For A Day, 10. We Rise, 11. No One Ever Sees Me

Profile Finally released is the self-titled debut album by the German melodic hard rock supergroup “Unisonic”. Taking as basis the melodic hard rock/AOR project “Place Vendome”, lead singer Michael Kiske, drummer Kostas Zafeiriou and bassist/songwriter Dennis Ward decided to raise the stakes by moving their formation to a full-time band. Entering the line-up was former “Krokus” guitarist Mandy Meyer and lately guitar legend Kai Hansen.

So “Unisonic” is basically two former members of “Helloween” (Kiske and Hansen), two members of “Pink Cream 69” (Ward and Zafeiriou) and fromer “Krokus” guitarist. Songwriting-wise it is critical to point out that the foundation of “Unisonic”s sound is the hard rock of “Pink Cream 69”, of course, without being absolute. The melodic lines seem to come out of a “Helloween” or “Gamma Ray” album, indeed, but the rhythm section, the rhythm guitars and the overall structure of the majority of their songs draws more towards hard rock than metal, one has to admit. Another way you could look at it, is that “Unisonic” is based on the more popular side of “Helloween” and “Gamma Ray”, referencing such songs as “I want out” and “one with the world” as opposed to their faster/heavier material.

From a melodic rock fan’s perspective one is drawn to the subtlety and intensity of “Souls Alive”, the upbeat and playful “Never too late”, the dramatic but optimistic “I’ve tried” and the defiant “Renegade”. Allow one for a brief moment to get personal and say that I gave “Unisonic” four our of five simply because I find Kiske’s previous works (these being the two “Vendome” albums) in the melodic rock/hard rock genre to be slightly superior to this new album, although a solid rock offering. Overall, “Unisonic” needs no recommendation, it features an all star-line up and a long-overdue reunion of two legends of the scene- with that Kiske, Kai, Denis, Mandy and Kosta can not disappoint any fan of the genre.


Nikiforos V. Skoumas

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