U.S. 19 – The Eye Of The Storm [1999]

Country USA

Style Hard Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members John Vasalakis – Vocals, Rick Moon – Guitar, Dana Newcomer – Drums, Nick Cardullias – Bass, Mark Pankratz – Keyboards, axophone

Tracks 01. Mr. Bad Habit, 02. Don’t Touch Me There, 03. Castles, 04. Heartache Beat, 05. I Call Your Name (Valentina), 06. Love Me Forever, 07. It’s All Right It’s Ok, 08. Heroes, 09. Rest of Your Life, 10. Letter to My Friend, 11. The Eye of the Storm

Profile U.S. 19 hails from Ohio released this album back in 1999 in tiny numbers on a tiny indie label, features the members of the Melodic Rock band Stormbringer. Guitarist, producer and music writter Rick Moon has worked with Robbie Steinhardt of Kansas. There are tremendous Melodic Rock tracks – the track “Heroes” reminds of a Dakota song, while the song, “The Eye of the Storm” takes you right back to the late 80s.  Fans of Stormbringer and Code Blue would love this rare indie that is on collector’s want lists.

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