Twin City – Crossroads [1998]

twin-1Country USA          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 83/100

Band Members Louis Bergmann – Vocals,backing vocals, Jim Brady – Guitar, Ron Thomas – Drums

Tracks 01.You’re Not Alone, 02. CrossRoads, 03. Livonia, 04. You Better Run

Profile Twin City can be considered the follow-up to Onyx lead by vocalist Louis Bergmann. After a seven year hiatus from the music scene he was eager to start writing music again. He found a guitar player by the name of Jim Brady and the two of them began writing music. After several unsucessful atempts to find a drummer, he decided to get back behind the drum kit. He also enlisted the help of the drummer from Onyx, Ron  Thomas, who helped co-write two of the tracks. Things were just starting to get interesting and getting a good rhythm going when he was forced to relocate to Birmingham, Alabama for family reasons.

The sound got more aor friendly than his previous work with Onyx as you can hear from the opening song “You’re Not Alone” a great melodious ballad. The second track “CrossRoads” mix aor with a poppy touch reminds the style of REO Speedwagon followed by the instrumental “Livornia” and the ballad “You Better Run” with a strong and catchy chorus. Great addition in your collection if you find it somewhere…

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Twin City - Crossroads [1998], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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