Truckers – Hurricane’s Road [1996]

Truckers - Hurricane's RoadCountry France          

Style Hard Rock/Southern Rock

Rating 84/100

Band Members Pascal Leroux – Vocals, Christian Pribilski – Guitar, Marc Halter – Guitar,vocals, Michel Graizely – Drums, Jean Pierre Grandgirard – Bass

Tracks 01. Kangaroo´s Road (03:37), 02. Lucky Day (05:12), 03. Young Boy (04:50), 04. Red Auberge (03:04), 05. Hitcher (06:12), 06. Jessica Blues (04:37), 07. Street Dreamer (05:28), 08. Jimmy And Andy (05:24), 09. Here And Everywhere (04:58), 10. Proud Mary (03:56)

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Profile The TRUCKERS are therefore part of the history of the rock in Franche-Comtι. Together Chico, Christian, Jean Pierre, Michel and Pascal who has joined the band recently, have been travelling on the roads of France for 18 years. Fans of a well structured rock music, the TRUCKERS mix happily their original compositions and songs of singers who have influenced them (Lynyrd, the Stones, Fogerty, etc.), in their concerts. 

The TRUCKERS decided to produce themselves their first album « Leave me Alone »,  which was sold in 1,600 copies during their concert, after having met Gaby Dujardin (called wild)  when they were in the Free-Weels in Clermont-Ferrand (63). Thanks to this experience,  they produced a second album ” Hurricane’s Road ” in 1996.

What a great album. Southern Rock with a tinge of hard rock, and a truck-load of attitude. They have that “metal-edge” that gives them the advantage in my opinion, although on this album, the hard rock/ metal influence is not as prominent as on other albums to come. This album doesn’t have a bad song, lots of southern boogie, great licks, great lyrics and my favorite–those extended southern rock guitar jams!!! There is no way you can play this CD often or loud enough. When I first heard this album I was blown away. This album rips. “Lucky Day” and “Hitcher” have been favorite songs of mine since the day they first hit the wax. If you like catchy tunes with great vocals and excellent guitar work, then give this band’s early stuff a try. Southern rock fan or just music lover this album hits the mark. Similar to Molly Hatchet and CCR.


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