Toxic Web – Vicious Circle [1994]

Country USA

Style Hard Rock/Metal

Rating 77/100

Band Members Ryan Farrell – Vocals, J.P. – Guitars,backing vocals, John Chartier – bass,backing  vocals, Adam Shaggy Schweitzer – Drums, Craig Stiles – Guitar

Tracks 01. I’ve Seen, 02. Cool Reputation, 03. Sorry I Did You Wife, 04. Nozy Bitch, 05. Stepping Stone, 06. Riding Hood, 07. Not Gettin’ Any, 08. Malpractice, 09. Soul Shaker, 10. Lost Soul

Profile Toxic Web out of Chicago area release this mega rare album back in 1994 through Black Rainbow Records in low numbers. The pumps out in your face Glam Metal, with crunchy guitar work, and excellent Sleaze style vocals.  Fans of Heavy Metal and Glam Metal would love this indie gem.

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