Toxic Taste – Toxification [2008]

PhotobucketCountry Germany         

Style Hard Rock

Rating 74/100

Band Members Marc Acid – Vocals, Andy Caustic – Guitar, T.T. Poison – Guitar, Bob Beastly – Drums, Francis Cauter-Rize – Bass

Tracks 01. Toxic Taste, 02. N.C.R., 03. Neon Angel, 04. Midnight Rodeo, 05. Nightime’s Waiting, 06. She’s a Rock, 07. Tonight, 08. Starlight Serenade, 09. Raise Your Glass, 10. T.T.S.G., 11. Come On Strong, 12. High (R)oc(k)tone, 13. Anytime, 14. Time Of Our Life, 15. Rock’n’Roll

Profile Toxic Taste is German glam rock band led by Rock and Rolf Kasparek (Running Wild). His alter ego for Toxic Taste is TT Poison. He didn’t change a lot in his guitar style. In fact he didn’t change anything. So it’s a bit similar to Running Wild in some ways but a bit softer. If you like KISS and Hanoi Rocks you can also listen to Toxic Taste.

Glam rock a la Hanoi Rocks or supplemented typical KISS lead guitar licks, which obviously plays Kasparek. Toxic Taste songs, Midnight Rodeo, She’s A Rock and last on the album Rock ‘n’ Roll is a lively rock anthems.

Most of them for what was once presented the group Hanoi Rocks, although the opening track album is a lot of metal. Cheeky riff that appears somewhere on the disc Gates To Purgatory Runningów. Solid kick. Quiet start N.C.R. heralds a ballad. However, the climate of this vanishes when they come into sharper guitar. This is another hicior. A brilliant chorus. Neon Angel song is slower, more moody. He goes into design, which once presented the group KISS, but the typical guitar licks Seeed Kasparka. Like its predecessor the track is excellent. I really like that combines the syndrome is not here, just warm Recreational pieces one by one. Certainly deserves credit for the Nighttime’s Waiting, in which Marc Acid announces that Toxic Taste will shoot us to the moon, when they start a party. Nothing more, nothing less.

Climate party is granted in almost every piece, but as I mentioned, the group can fry metal riff. Raise Your Glasses is a good example, except that the chorus of this number truly KISSowy. Just KISS also had a song about this title. In Tonight and T.T.S.G. close to Running Wild. These pieces could appear on a panel of the beast, provided that they would gain a powerful sound. But it strikes me at this point, some reflection. Could Rolf could not otherwise? Is that all what he can do? Well, but let’s say that these lively tune that wins is the one of his hallmarks. The moment of truth is the number Anytime, where they decided to play Toxic Taste ballad. Running Wild The ballad was not, so the more curious, what style will choose Kasparek. The game kind of like the gentlemen of Saxon, which is not necessarily a disadvantage. While a total of Hanoi Rocks have in Starlight Serenade, but here the idea irrelevant. Just does not fit on this album. Yes, it’s playing it cool, but the pastiche like The Darkness does not match the Toxic Taste.


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