Tim Karr – Rubbin’ Me The Right Way [1989]

TIMKARR_RMTRWCountry Canada          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 79/100

Band Members Tim Karr – Vocals, Tim Pierce,Johnny Lee Schell,Tracii Guns,Rick Neigher – Guitar, Ralph Carter,Greg Sutton – Bass, David Raven – Drums, Brad Cole – Piano,keyboard

Tracks 01. I’m Not Falling In Love (3:33), 02. Desirèe (3:31), 03. Rubbin’ Me The Right Way (3:07), 04. She’s Not Shy (3:39), 05. Tonight You’re Mine (4:19), 06. Innocent Kiss (3:51), 07. Time Enough For Love (4:02), 08. Sad Face (4:07), 09. All Nite Long (4:38), 10. Long Way Home (3:57)

Profile Solo artist Tim Karr grew in Montreal, Canada and soon became a young veteran of the Canadian music scene. After years of playing clubs and hockey rinks in bands like Seahorse and Marked Cross, a wandering spirit and a desire for new challenges led him to Hollywood, California.

His first album was released on EMI records in1990, and the single, “Rubbin’ Me the Right Way”, raised more than a few eyebrows as well as charting to number 1 on some Canadian radio stations. “Tonite, You’re Mine”, from that same record, was covered by Contraband for the album “Contraband”. Tim’s music has also appeared in films and radio commercials.

Karr’s music has been described as early Jagger, Lennon, Bowie influenced. “Classic-sounding rock songs with a contemporary edge.” From guitar driven rock to finely orchestrated ballads, Karr’s voice whispers with a passionate, bluesy delivery.


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Tim Karr - Rubbin' Me The Right Way [1989], 9.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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