Things – Things [1998]

THINGS_BPCountry USA          Style Sleaze Glam

Rating 81/100

Band Members
Chris Penketh – Guitars, Henry Kelly – Bass, Micahel Penketh – Drums, Paul E. Bardot – Vocals, Sunny Phillips – Guitars

01. All That Glitters (3:48), 02. Underground (4:14), 03. Trippin The Lights Fantastic (3:53), 04. Pump! (4:02), 05. All Shook Up (4:11), 06. Stamp Out Reality (3:49), 07. Bleed (4:22), 08. Precious (4:25), 09. Generation (4:00), 10. No One But Myself To Blame (5:56), 11. I Want Your Body (3:59)

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Profile For those who don’t know, this is the band that was once Swingin’ Thing. From 1989 to 1994, The Things were the biggest band on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. This eventually led to the band signing a worldwide record deal with Hollywood Records. The Things first record was never released due to an ill-timed changing of the guard at the record company. Finally the album released  independent by Bombastic Plastic, 1998 and produced by Tommy Thayer and Erik Turner. Unfortunately this is not as good as when they were still Swingin’ Thing, but his is good solid hard rock. Good production, and great for fans of 80’s style slightly heavier glam rock.

This album nonetheless stays true to the band’s mix of harder glam and punk. Slightly different twist on several of the same tracks found on ST’s “Keep On Swingin'” are found here, including the delicious ballad “No One But Myself To Blame” and the crunchy “I Want Your Body” is the clear highlight – commercial hard glam rock at it’s best. “All That Glitters” is a great up-tempo opener that oozes with in-your-face attitude. Worth the try if you find it…


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