The Whizz Kids – Deficit Spending [1982]

uiiiierfveCountry USA

Style Melodic Rock/Pomp AOR

Rating 83/100

Band Members Tim Cooney – Drums,percussion, Philip Zeppetello (P.Z.) – Guitars,backing vocals, Fred Hart – Keyboards, Denise Weeks – Vocals,flute,rodo drums, Scott Vargas – Guitars,backing vocals,piano, Gary Weeks – Bass,vocals

Tracks 01. Anyday Now (3:31), 02. How Many Heartbreaks? (3:30), 03. Get the Feeling (3:10), 04. Stole your Heart (2:55), 05. Come and See me (3:35), 06. You Got me Going (4:03), 07. Go and Say Goodbye (3:22), 08. The Song you Wrote (4:00), 09. You Can Still Rock (3:50)

Profile The Whizz Kidds are from Liverpool, New York (just outside of Syracuse) lead by brother and sister Gary and Denise Weeks formed in 1975.  They have traveled from St. Johns, New foundland to Pensacola, Florida, the length of the Eastern  seaboard covering the latest disco, rock and top 40 hits but also some of their own arrangements. After few line up changes the final band’s core released this album in 1982 with more melodic approach and pomp touch that in times reminds the Canadian band Prism. Mega rare nowdays.



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