The Take – Something [1999]

the takeCountry Canada

Style Melodic Rock/Lite AOR

Rating 75/100

Band Members Ken Glover – Bass, Dave – Guitars,vocals, Lina – Vocals, Wally Moonlight – Keyboards,guitars,vocals

Additional Musicians Don,Keith,Dave Leigh – Drums, John Dooher – Organ,percussion,guitars, Beth – Percussion,vocals, Tracy Holmes – Percussion

Tracks 01. Something, 02. It’s Right, 03. Father, 04. Light in the Window, 05. Ballad, 06. A Lot of Years, 07. Shake it Off, 08. Fate, 09. Transatlantic, 10. Normandy Hotel

Profile Rare Canadian indie female fronted rock outfit from Ottawa released this record back in 1999 from Beer Drinking Productions. An easy listening album having some catchy and upbeat melodic rock tunes with big harmonies like ” Light In The Window”  and “Shake It Off”, few ballads while the vocal duties are both male and female fronted. Very hard to be found nowdays but not something spectacular.

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