The Reach – Under The Same Sky [1989]

Country USA


Rating 78/100

Band Members Brett Williams – Vocals,Guitar, Ken Mesford – Guitar, Vince Grant – Drums,Percussion, Scott Burell – Bass

Additional Musicians Dave Schuller,David Zaffiro,Paula Meserole,Brett Williams – Backing vocals, Brooke Lizotte,David Hubbard – Keyboards, Charles Meserole – Guitar

Tracks 01. Vogue, 02. Rightful One, 03. Big Time, 04. 1 Lufthgir, 05. Under The Same Sky, 06. Tonight, 07. B-4-I-Go, 08. You Are The Light, 09. 1000 Candles

Profile Longtime contemporary Christian artist Brett Williams got his start in the group The Reach. The album was released in 1989 on a small label, Image Records, which had a limited number of releases before shutting down and produced by David Zaffiro of Bloodgood. This album had a bit more of a rock edge to some of the songs, and the group would soften a bit as they morphed into In Reach, then Brett Williams and In Reach. Eventually Williams would release solo albums under his own name. This album is long out of print and hard to find. Fans of late 80s Stage Dolls and Bryan Adams will love the instantly memorable choruses, tight, AOR-friendly guitar riffs and polished production. “Reach” for this one without hesitation!

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The Reach - Under The Same Sky [1989], 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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