The Rain – Painting The Edge of Time [1995]

Country USA

Style Hard Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members Phil Smith – Vocals,bass,gutars, Kevin Ridall – Guitars,backing vocals, Bernie Ridall – Guitars,bass,backing vocals, Rob Collins – Drums, Jason Smith – Keyboards,backing vocals

Tracks 01. Lonesome Paradise, 02. Frreman Alive, 03. The Wolf, 04. Someday, 05. Hot Cajun Momma, 06. August Moon, 07. Flowers in the Ashes, 08. Invisible Man, 090. Hope, 10. Rock and Roll Addiction

Profile The Rain were a Pennsylvania based band acted in the mid 90s. Their one and only album “Painting the Edge of Time” released in 1995 independently and be one of the hyper rarities of today. The opener “Lonesome Paradise” could have been a huge hit if it ever made it to the radio….crunchy guitars, strong vocals, extremely catchy chorus. “Flowers In The Ashes” is a beautiful mid-tempo ballad, featuring an amazing guitar solo. Fans of Blind Gypsy, Kidd Wikkid, Pleezer, The Stuff and similar hard rock/metal indie bands need to look for it.

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