The Paiges – Who Knew? [1990]

rtyrtyrtuCountry Canada

Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 82/100

Band Members Jim Fogarty, Ed Krautner, Don Penney – Guitars, Joe Hand

Tracks 01. You are Here, 02. Silent Grey, 03. How Goood is Goldman?, 04. She’s the Woman, 05. I Belong to You, 06. God is in the Field

Profile Hyper rare AOR indie from this Toronto based rock outfit released only on tape back in 1990. The band formed in the late 80s featuring multi instrumentalist/songwriter Don Penney, toured across US and Canada while they made several appearances on Canadian T.V. The band also with the song “Remember” be part of the compilation “Heart and Soul” among other well know Canadian acts.



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