The Outrage – Dirty Fantasies [1993]

Country Germany          

Style Sleaze Glam/Hard Rock

Rating 82/100

Band Members Andy Stone – Guitars, Harry Lynn – Lead,Backing Vocals, Jack Doc Phibes – Drums, Marty Quiet – Guitars,Backing Vocals, Rea Hyde – Piano,Keyboards, Steve Scott – Bass,Backing Vocals

Tracks 01. Kicked In The Teeth, 02. Down In The Dirt, 03. 5 Speed V8, 04. Tea Joint Blues, 05. Sex Machine, 06. Rollin’ Crazy, 07. In My Dreams, 08. Ring Ya’ Clit, 09. Should I Love You, 10. Mama, I Get Rich, 11. Too Young To Fall In Love, 12. Yesterdays Hero, 13. Goodbye My Friend

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Profile Hard rock band from Bamberg, Bayern, Germany formed in 1991. The band released one album titled “Dirty Fantasies” in 1993 on Rockwerk Records. “In My Dreams” and “Should I Love You” are the highlights of the album. Imagine a super tight sounding and well produced Motkey Crue meets AC/DC and with some Cinderella. These guys simply put kickin’. Not only does this front cover look cool but this band can really play brilliant glam hard rock. A good addition to any collection.

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The Outrage - Dirty Fantasies [1993], 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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