The Next – A World Without Windows [1992]

THENEXT_AWWWCountry Sweden

Style Hi-Tech AOR

Rating 86/100

Band Members Michael Kleimert – Vocals, Johan Berlin – Keyboards, Kjell Segebrandt – Guitars, Paris Edvinson – Drums

Tracks 01. This Heat Is Killing Me (4:39), 02. Without Your Love (4:27), 03. W (5:35), 04. We’re All Fools (4:57), 05. Face The Nation (4:12), 06. We Leave Our Loved Ones (4:36), 07. Touch Me (3:13), 08. A World Without Windows (3:55), 09. Wind From East (3:19), 10. The Wave Or The Water (3:46)

Profile Mega rare release nowdays came out in 1992 from Alpha Records in limited copies. Musically, the range is from AOR to Westcoast and Pop with very good songwriting, lots of keyboards and big echoes. The album feature Johan Berlin who later join the Swedish melodic rock band Eclipse. Paris Edvinson performed with Bjorn, Tove Naess and French Revolution among other while he co-write the song “Heavenly” of Erika. Kjell Segebrandt work Carola, Thomas Vikström and Britt Dahlén among other. If you like bands in the vein of West of Sunset, Fingerprints, Visitors or Vision Fields, check these guys.

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The Next - A World Without Windows [1992], 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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  1. björn nordman says:

    hi i have this cd but they do a second one but the production newer see the light it newer come out the its whit Another singer pirre pier eriksson and fredrik pettersson one lead guitar and paris.
    i have the cd its more melodic aor metal its good but newer gonna see the light to day

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