The Dudek Finnigan Krueger Band – DFK [1980]

R-1696693-1356594366-5864.jpegCountry USA

Style WestCoast AOR

Rating 80/100

Band Members Trey Thompson – Bass, Bobbye Hall – Congas, Bill Meeker – Drums,percussion, Jim Krueger – Guitars,vocals, James Newton Howard – Additional keyboards, Max Groenthal,Mike Finnigan – Keyboards,vocals, Les Dudek – Slide Guitar,Guitar,Vocals

Tracks 01. Angels Fall (4:54), 02. Just Like The Weather (3:30), 03. Dinkin’ Alone (5:00), 04. I Know You’re In There (3:56), 05. It’s All About You (3:43), 06. Just Be Happy (4:31), 07. That’s Wrong (4:00), 08. You Cut So Deep (4:57)

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Profile The combination of Les Dudek, Mike Finnigan, and Jim Krueger was pure magic while it lasted and DFK is the result. The only criticism you may ever heard is that it’s shamelessly commercial, which is another way of saying all the songs are catchy and the production is nearly flawless. Regardless, it didn’t receive a lot of attention commercially or otherwise. Too bad, because this is some finely crafted music, perfect for its time and which has aged remarkably well.

The balance of these three superb musicians (as well as the supporting cast) is managed very well, with everyone getting a chance to show off. As well, there is a true sense of collaboration present. Each song brings out the best of everyone regardless of who is in the spotlight. If you’re a fan of straight ahead rock with an extra coat of polish on it, you can’t go wrong with DFK. It’s a shame there’s only one album, but it’s one truly great album nonetheless.


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The Dudek Finnigan Krueger Band - DFK [1980], 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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