The Club – The Club [1990]

2415970Country South Korea          Style Sleaze Glam/Hard Rock

Rating 72/100

Band Members
Minchi Young – Vocals, Young Ki Lee – Guitars, Yeong Gil Kim – Bass , Gim Hyeon jae – drums

01. Jack A Dull Boy (Don’t Make), 02. Love Is Not A Game, 03. Out Of Luck, 04. Maybe it’s Love, 05. I’m Crying, 06. May Be, 07. Those who have Lost a Dream, 08. Prisoner Of Love

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Profile The club are simple, fun with a retro and melodic sound that is pursuing. Formed in 1988 recorded a demo tape before releasing their self-titled debut album in 1990 via Seorabul Records and produced by Jang Yong Ho for SRB Promotion All Composed. Quartet with a fresh feeling and talent as a group at the time of the Metal Gods Rock music and the different retro funk and ballads written about the sound is delightful twist. Attractive tone of voice with a unique color minchi be seen that the spirit of the early days of the charm of this album viscosity. The only negative is the luck of the hit song that will explode the whole album….The song “Jack A Dull Boy (Don’t Make)” appeared in the collection Rock n’ Roll Korea released in 1993. In any case this is an ultra rare album for the hard collectors…..


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The Club - The Club [1990], 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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