Syzzy Roxx – Glamournizer [2006]

Country Germany          

Style Sleaze Glam

Rating 80/100

Band Members Donny Don Marco – Vocals, Guitar, Eddy Clifford – Guitar, Vocals, Mick Murdoc – Bass, Vocals, Pete Loveless – Drums, Vocals

Tracks 01. Intronizer, 02. Glamournizer, 03. Hollywood Boulevard, 04. Starship DD, 05. Gamblin’ With Love, 06. High-Heels-Patrol, 07. I’ll Die For You, 08. She’s Got Wheelz [Straight Bourbon Version]

Profile SYZZY ROXX, formally known as Gamblin’ Crew, are waving the banner of Poser Rock. Poser Rock?! Glamrock, Sleazerock, Arena-Rock or whatever the heck you may call the style, that used to fascinate millions of people and didn’t lose any of its potential to this day. Their spectrum includes influences from the great rockacts of the 70s and especially the 80s, such as catchy-tune-chorus, straight riffs, passionate guitarsolos and a groovy basis. You will find the whole musical range from heart-tearing ballads to hardrock-smashers, to which you want to raise your fist to the god of rock-posing.

“Glamournizer” is their latest banging EP after “Two From the Crew” (2002), “Masters of Love” (2003) and “Lovehounds (From Hell!!!)” (2005), which were published under the name of “Gamblin’ Crew” at that time.  Though the crew was yet accused of just honoring the numerous variations of penetration, SYZZY ROXX go further than that. Political topics are being examined, such as the hostage-taking by full bosomed aliens, as well as socially institutionalized requirements, satisfied by the High-Heels-Patrole.enauso behandelt, wie gesellschaftsinstitutionelle Bedürfnisse, befriedigt durch die High-Heels-Patrol.

With SYZZY ROXX you will neither find songs about death, nor of dragons or evil trolls, because these things will never be found on the way to the beach and women are just the better issue. SYZZY ROXX is Hollywood in every street all over the world. A world of superlatives – with the best weather, the best-looking girls and the most excessive scandals. Cruising through the city with “Glamournizer” means saying “Yeah!” to life. “Glamournizer” is a tribute to eve’s heritage, the direct expression of male virility – Rock ‘n’ Roll!

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Syzzy Roxx - Glamournizer [2006], 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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