Surprise – Rockhours [1993]

Photobucket Country Germany          Style AOR

Rating 84/100

Band Members
M. Damm – Keyboards, vocals, D. Marx – Bass, M.Herr – Guitar, U. Bott – Drums, D. Pottak – Lead vocals, sax, T. Pottak – Guitar, vocals

1. Sacrifice Of Love, 2. Don’t Be Afraid, 3. Guilt And Deliverance, 4. Who Can I Ask, 5. Awake Us, 6. The Outcast, 7. Never Surrender, 8. Thuinder And Lightning, 9. Stand Up And Go, 10. Thank You, 11. Misery

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Profile It’s so addicting and infectious with it’s monster melodies and songs. What makes SURPRISE special is they have created a sound that leaves you wanting more. A few bands come to mind such as ALIEN, BAGHDAD and BOYSVOICE but SURPRISE seem to be more melodic, especially with their use of keys.


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