Supranova – Better Than Gold [1984]

nghjmgkmyuCountry Puerto Rico

Style Melodic Rock/AOR

Rating 78/100

Band Members Ivan Serrano – Vocals,guitars, Lou – Drums, Carlos – Guitars,backing vocals, Issie Dones – Vocals, Joel – Bass

Tracks 01. Children of the Other Side (4:46), 02. I Feel all Right (5:56), 03. I’m Living Tonight (4:38), 04. La Playa (5:00), 05. Lizzy (3:32), 06. Eres Mia(Todavia) (3:41), 07. Nena,Nena (Perdoname) (4:28), 08. La Chica de mis Suenos (5:00), 09. Cuando Llega el Amor (3:50), 10. Lost in France (French Connection) (5:15)

Profile Extremely rare vinyl only came out in 1984 from Performance Records, featuring two vocalist, Ivan Serrano and Issie Dones, who are also the main songwriters of the album. The sound quality are not good but the songs definetely need your attention. The band sound cross between melodic rock and pop. There’re some really cool and catchy tunes, lots of harmonies, rhythm backing vocals and some radio friendly ballads.


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Supranova - Better Than Gold [1984], 5.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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One Response to “Supranova – Better Than Gold [1984]”

  1. Issie Dones says:

    This is a very rare find for me, cause I haven’t heard this music in over 3 decades. I do however remember making this music. Executively produced my Rafael and his Son Richie Viera, who at the time were very devoted and wonderful to us all in the band. This record would have not been possible if it were not for Alfonso De Los Rios (Fonsi) as he was refer to by all those who loved him. He was a musician and so much more, a true rock soul with a belly fill with fire. I have Great memories putting this recording together.The friendships, heartaches and pressure meeting deadline for release. One quick fact check, All songs except “Children of the over side” were written by Issie Dones and I also sang all songs with the exception of “Cuando Llega El Amor” which was sang in a 2 part with Ivan Serrano. I also want to mention, that Ivan Serrano composed all the music. He was and still remains a clear inspiration for me to write songs.

    The only 2 musicians I still stay in contact with is Ivan Serrano,a true musical genius and Carlos Rolon, who today I personally consider is at the top of his playing guitar and Joel, who I Facebook from time to time.

    I wish I knew more about the other guys,

    See and hearing this… truly made my day!



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