Strutz – Through The Ages [2013]

20131108_4344aaCountry United Kingdom          

Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 88/100

Band Members Karen Sambrook – Vocals, Graeme Wood – Guitar, Dave Hell0n – Guitar, Alan Harter – Bass, Andy Davies – Drums, Geoff Potts – Keyboards

Tracks 01. Late Nights, 02. Danger, 03. Breakaway, 04. Never Surrender, 05. What You Gonna Do, 06. Blame It On You, 07. Sweet Dreamer, 08. Alright Mama, 09. Heartache, 10. Mixed Emotions (bonus track), 11. Come Back (bonus track), 12. I Still Love You (bonus track), 13. Won’t Cry (bonus track)

Profile Strutz hailing from Manchester, put together by Graeme Wood and Alan Harter, their first incarnation cut two singles with ex-Sam Thunder vocalist Tex Alexander, before settling on the definitive line-up of Noel Fraser, Alan Harter, Dave Hellen, Geoff Potts and both Wood and Davies. It was this line-up that recorded the near legendary white label album, an album that was limited to just 500 copies and made all the rarer due to most of them being destroyed in a fire. An album of almost mythical proportions, it contained a brand of UK AOR that was very much the flavour of the time.

Whilst the like of Dare and FM were tearing it up supporting the likes of Europe and Bon Jovi, Strutz were slogging it out in the trenches with little hop of ever gaining a foothold due to immeasurable incompetence from their management. It was a shame as the album you now hold in your hands contained more than it’s fair share of quality AOR tunes. They may have been more Poundland than Harrods, but you can’t dismiss the quality of songs such as “Heartache” or “All Right Mama”, both delivered with gusto by the infallible Noel Fraser. Whilst N. Fraser later turned up in A.O.K., guitarist Graeme Wood sadly succumbed to cancer earlier in the year.


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