Strangelet – First Bite [2014]

strangeletCountry Germany

Style Hard Rock

Rating 83/100

Band Members Stefan Zörner – Vocals, Tobias Eurich – Guitars, Jonas Kümmerle – Keyboards, Jessica Stuart – Drums, Finn Janetzky – Bass

Tracks 01. Privilege of Power, 02. Nothing, 03. Tainted, 04. Pray to Break, 05. Stillborn, 06. Snakebite, 07. Hell & Back, 08. Touch the Sky, 09. Catching Fire, 10. All That’s Left, 11. Hiding Sta

Profile Strangelet is a hard and heavy band founded in Heilbronn, Southern Germany. Their sound and style is influenced by rock acts from the glorious 80s, including powerful riffing, melodic vintage keyboards and catchy refrains. Also the four dudes and powerlady on drums integrate modern elements, techniques and influences, so a refreshing new sound is to hear in their songs, from hard bangers to epic ballads. It should be noted that the stage-acting and live shows of Strangelet also stands full in spirit of 80s rock-events, call it very explosive, entertaining and eye-catching rock and roll.


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Strangelet - First Bite [2014], 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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