Stinger – Cold as Stone [2014]

a2586213797_16Country USA

Style Hard Rock

Rating 83/100

Band Members Michael Stevenson – Guitars,Backing Vocals, David Nelson – Vocals, Ron Brett – Drums

Tracks 01. Evil Woman (3:58), 02. Webs of Deciet (5:04), 03. Cold as Stone (4:07), 04. All Night (3:44), 05. A Passion Inside (0:39), 06. Burning For Your Love (4:34), 07. In Chains (5:17), 08. Where are You? (5:18), 09. Hold On to the Night (5:21)

Profile Stinger are following in the footsteps of great European melodic metal and hard rock bands. These guys are influenced by Scorpions, Dokken, Judas Priest, Deep Purple….and many more. Featuring stellar melodic vocals from David Nelson and fantastic guitar from one of the most talented up and coming guitarists in the world, Michael Stevenson (Michael R.Stevenson), the Great-Grand-Nephew of Fay Wray (1933 King Kong Starlette). Michael won the 1992 Joe Satriani National Guitar Competition and was opening act for Yngwie among others. He delivers absolutely killer rhythm and clean parts and some of the best guitar solos ever. “Evil Woman” is fast, hip, rockin’ with a great groove. “Webs of Deceit” is dark, crunchy and mysterious. Especially great vocals and solo.

“Cold as Stone” is the big radio hit you can’t stop singing along to, with a solo that sounds like a more-refined, prime Yngwie Malmsteen. Drummer Ron Brett’s groove is a driving force here! “All Night” is a light hearted sexy groovy bluesy break from the more serious tunes. It is fun and recalls Scorpions “Arizona.” “A Passion Inside” is a short, evocative keyboard piece setting up “Burning for Your Love.” An instantly classic “Stinging” melodic guitar lead hook and driving rhythm. Great vocals with that “Sense of urgency”. A one of a kind solo. The next song “In Chains” is about young men incarcerated and has a very strong Dokken/Lynch feel. An anthem! “Where are You” is equally pretty to many “80’s” ballads….but a lot tougher! Album closer “Hold on to the Night” has Brett, Nelson and Stevenson pulling out all the stops on the fastest tune here. Solo rivals a prime Lynch, and some of Brett and Nelsons best work as well. If you like melodic rock,……you need this!!!!

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