Stick It Out – Stick It Out [2008]

MI0001502732Country Italy          Style Glam/Hard Rock

Rating 85/100

Band Members
Andy – Guitars, Dave – Guitars, Fo – Drums, Freddie – Vocals, Trip – Bass

01. Marry The Swine (3:27), 02. Dog’s Friday Nite (2:47), 03. Sgt. Lizzie (3:47), 04. Jack The Bastard (3:54), 05. Slippin’ Away (4:47), 06. I Wanna Be A Parasite Too (3:55), 07. Neat Neat Neat (2:42), 08. Stop Teasin’ Me (3:15), 09. Soakin’ Wet Skin (2:57), 10. Wooden Spoon (4:07)

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Profile Stick It Out was born from an idea of Dave E. Dee (vocals & guitar) and Andy (guitar), together with bandmates Tripp (Bass) and Nyk (Drums). The band’s purpose is to create a pure blazing rock piece with some punk, alternative and scandinavian-rock influences, with reference to the sound of classic bands like Sex Pistols, Social Distortion and modern ones such as Foo Fighters and Backyard Babies, but keeping a personal and direct style.

The band, after two sold out promos and the videos for the songs “Neat Neat Neat, “I Wanna Be A Parasite Too” and the hit single “Stop Teasin’ Me” (that reached over 18000 clicks on youTube), in March ’09 released the “Let There Be Punk!” ep, wich is a collection of 7 punk songs loved by the band and readapted in an absolutely modern and personal way.

In July ’09, Stick It Out’s debut album (called just “Stick It Out”), is released on Sliptrick records, getting great reviews from magazine and webzine, and leading the band to play all over Italy. They have already shared the stage with some big acts such Backyard Babies, Bullet, Crucified Barbara, Kee Marcello (Europe), Adam Bomb, and they’ve been on tour with Innocent Rosie, getting a great audience success.


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