Stars From Mars – Demos [1989]

3373257Country USA          

Style Sleaze Glam

Rating 81/100

Band Members Dazzle – Vocals,guitar, Gizmo – Guitar, Lucky – Bass, Stacey Star – Drums

Tracks 01. Right Now, 02. Bangkok Luvshock, 03. Cat Woman, 04. Suffagette City, 05. Kick Da Cat, 06. Love Sick, 07. High Class Kicks, 08. We Got Tonight

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Profile Stars from Mars started in 1988 with Dazzle on Vocals and Gizmo on drums. The band had various line up changes. They had various Bass players, Alice, Lucky, Candy and Marque. Alice went to vocals, Dazzle went to Guitar and Lucky played Bass around 88. Dazzle ended up back on vocals. Lucky went to guitar till 89, then Marque played Guitar. Arial Styles (Pretty Boy Floyd) played guitar briefly in the band. Gizmo went to Bass and Stacey Starr (Zeros, Heart Throb Mob) went on drums. Near the end Skitz (Glamour Punks) was playing guitar. Candy died tragically on the road in 91. The band decided to call it a day in 1991.


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