The Wraith

Country USA          Genre Action/Horror/Thriller/Sci-Fi/Romance          Year 1986

01. Where’s the Fire
Written and Performed by Tim Feehan

02. Secret Loser
By Ozzy Osbourne, Jake E. Lee and Bob Daisley
Performed by Ozzy Osbourne

03. Hearts vs Heads
By Stan Bush and Andy DiTaranto
Performed by Stan Bush

04. Wake up Call
By Arthur Baker, Tina B. and Tommy Mandel
Performed by Ian Hunter

05. Smokin’ in the Boy’s Room
By Cub Koda and Michael Lutz
Performed by Mötley Crüe

06. Addicted to Love
Written and Performed by Robert Palmer

07. Scream of Angels
By Nick Gilder and Eric Nelson
Performed by Nick Gilder

08. Power Love
By Norman Swan
Performed by Lion

09. Those Were the Days
By Ray Coburn
Performed by Honeymoon Suite

10. Never Surrender
By Norman Swan and Douglas Aldrich
Performed by Lion

11. Matter of the Heart
By Adam Mitchell and Philip Allen Brown
Performed by Bonnie Tyler

12. Hold on Blue Eyes
By Haden Gregg, Mark Tiemens and John David Souther
Performed by LaMarca

13. Rebel Yell
By Billy Idol and Steve Stevens
Performed by Billy Idol

14. Young Love, Hot Love
By Randall Nicklaus
Performed by Jill Michaels

15. Bad Mistake
By Jeffrey Wilson and Steve Woodard
Performed by James House

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