Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings

Country USA          Genre Horror | Thriller          Year 1994

01. You’ll Never See Me Cry
Music by Steve Edwards
Lyrics by Eve Terran
Vocal by Eve Terran

02. She’s a Siren
Written by Paul Troop and Trauma Kamp
Performed by Trauma Kamp

03. I Ain’t What You Need
Written by Ron Marshall
Performed by Ron Marshall

04. Souls Not For Sale
Written by Brian O’Neal
Performed by Black Bart

05. A Taste of Latin
Hollywood Music Library

06. Twila Star
Written by Kevin E. Bartley
Performed by Ammi Lauri

07. Guantanamera
Written by Chris Kinsmen

08. You Might Be the One
Written by Tony Rodgers
Performed by Tony Rodgers

09. Go Away
Produced by Hype Dreams
Performed by Rats Nest

10. Free Fall
Produced by Hype Dreams
Performed by Dread Serious

11. The Right Way
Written by L. Matthew, M. Byron, M. Reese
Performed by Lance Matthew

12. It’s Still Love
Written by Lance Matthew
Performed by Lance Matthew

13. Just Like You (Theme from Pumpkinhead II)
Written by Lance Matthew
Performed by Roger Clinton

14. You Don’t Want to See (Pumpkinhead)
Written by Jymmi Briggajanos
Performed by Jymmi Briggajanos

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