Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

Country USA          Genre Horror          Year 1992

01. Hellraiser
Written by Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde & Lemmy (as Lemmy Kilmister)
Performed by Motörhead

02. Divine Thing
Performed by Soup Dragons
Music and Lyrics by Sean Dickson

03. Ooh-La-La
Performed by KMFDM
Music and Lyrics by Sascha Konietzko (as Sasha K. Konietzko) & En Esch

04. Hanging Judge
Performed by Armored Saint
Music and Lyrics by Kill for Less Than That Music / Willesden Music

05. What Girls Want
Performed by Material Issue
Music and Lyrics by Jim Ellison

06. Go with Me
Performed by Ten Inch Men
Music and Lyrics by Dave Coutts & Mark Templin

07. I Feel Like Steve
Performed by Electric Love Hogs
Lyrics by John Feldmann
Music by Electric Love Hogs

08. Down, Down, Down
Performed by House of Lords
Music and Lyrics by James Christian, Mark Baker, Greg Giuffria (as Gregg Giuffria) & Bob Marlett

09. Baby Universal
Performed by Tin Machine
Music and Lyrics by David Bowie & Reeves Gabrels

10. Waltzing with a Jaguar
Performed by Chainsaw Kittens (as The Chainsaw Kittens)
Lyrics by Tyson Todd Meade
Music by Chainsaw Kittens

11. Troublemaker
Performed by Triumph
Music and Lyrics by Gil Moore, Mike Levine & Mladen

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