Country USA          Genre Drama          Year 1984

01. Take Me Home To Grandview, U.S.A.
Written and Produced by Graham Russell
Performed by Air Supply

02. School Is Out
Written by Anderson and Barge
Performed by Jack Mack & the Heart Attack

03. No One Left At All
Written and Produced by Hillary Carlip and Miriam Cutler
Performed by Angel and the Reruns

04. Get Up And Dance
Written, Performed and Produced by Larry Michaels

05. Steely Man
Written by Frank Musker and Trevor Lawrence
Performed by Frank Musker

06. Would It Be All Right To Come Back Home
Written and Performed by Rosalie Winkler Karalekas

07. Maybe We Won’t Have To Say Goodbye
Written by Rosalie Winkler Karalekas
Performed by Jerry Whitman

08. Let’s Talk It Over In The Morning
Written by Oscar Sullivan
Performed and Produced by Sammy Vaughn

09. Nightpulse
Written by Patrick Bolen, Gabriel Katona and Bill Butler
Performed by Roger Love

10. Der Kommissar
Written by Roger Ponger and Falco

11. This Time
Written by Staff Fieldhouse and Scott Plunkett
Performed by Delta

12. Face The Odds
Written, Performed and Produced by Gerard McMahon

13. Running Wild, Running Free
Written by Steve Rice
Performed by Eddie and the Tide

14. No Rest For The Wicked
Written, Performed and Produced by Mark Goldenberg

15. In Need Of Love
Written by Julian Hernandez
Performed by Herns and Ray

16. I Want To Do It With You
Written by Layng Martine, Jr.
Performed by The Pointer Sisters

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