Slice – Relative Souls [1997]

Country Germany

Style Melodic Hard Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members Jochen Kuntz – Vocals,backing vocals,guitars

Tracks 01. Move On, 02. Gimmie Your Soul, 03. Things You Have Done, 04. Stop The Rain, 05. Sand In My Hands, 06. If Your Head Don’t Work, 07. Won’t You, 08. Bleed, 09. Burn Baby Burn, 10. Closer To You, 11. Is This Love

Profile The band hails from Germany and they released this debut album in very low numbers on a tiny indie label (Trance-Music).  The band plays excellent Melodic Hard Rock/Hair Metal in the vein of Late Nite Romeo, Kyd Trigger and Branded.  The songs “Closer to you” and “Is This Love” could have been huge hits in the late 80s.  Stunning hooks everywhere on this tremendous record. A rarity that is on collector’s want lists everywhere.

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