Skid Mark – Smile [1987]

SkidMark_ST-248x250Country South Korea          

Style Hard Rock

Rating 77/100

Band Members Kim Byoung-Ho – Vocals,guitars, Kim Byung-Il – Bass,keyboards,backing vocals, Son Gyeong-Ho – Drums,backing vocals

Tracks 01. Now Smile, 02. On the Way, 03. In your Hearts, 04. As you say Like, 05. Once More, 06. Rut, 07. Tell us, Forget That, 08. Where There, 09. Hours to go Now

Profile Short-lived hard rock outfit from Itaewon formed in the mid 80s by Kim Byung-Il with the help of this high school friend Son Gyeong-Ho. After some live gings in local clubs they released their debut album that came out in 1987 through Doo Bong label contain 9 hard rock tunes with a poppy feeling and some good guitar parts. Only in vinyl and quite rare nowdays.


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