Silver Cross – Silver Cross [1993]

Country USA

Style Hard Rock/Metal

Rating 78/100

Band Members Goldi Shackles – Vocals, Killer McGill – Guitars, John Sinclair – Bass, Edgy Cuzaitis – Drums

Tracks 01. Opening Night, 02. 4 Minutes ‘Til Midnight, 03. Up In Arms, 04. Evacuation, 05. Rock ‘N’ Roll Lives On, 06. Sleaze Disease, 07. Dead Eyes Of London, 08. Evilution

Profile Here we have one of the rarest album out in the market released in 1993 via Throbbing Productions, a Holy Grail treasure album from Silver Cross. The band features Goldi Shackles on vocals, who is a killer late 80s style Hair Metal vocalist, in the vein of AC/DC, Eli and Fire Dept. The band delivers 8 incredible Hair Metal/Glam driven tracks, that fans of the holy grail indies Eli, Fire Dept., Ram and KK Wilde would be proud of. The track “4 Minutes ‘Til Midnight” is an 80s anthem in the vein of vintage Stryper.

The tracks, “Rock ‘N’ Roll Lives On” and “Sleaze Disease” are pure AC/DC and Motley Crue. “Dead Eyes Of London” is a moody sleazy track, with killer guitar work. The songs were recorded between 1982-1986. Killer McGill is a awesome guitarist on this massive indie treasure. Totally uknown and obscure album.

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Silver Cross - Silver Cross [1993], 4.0 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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