Sharon – The Legacy [1996]

Country Germany

Style Hard Rock

Rating 76/100

Band Members Guido Lee Beedo – Bass,vocals,backing vocals,gutars,keyboards, Flo – Bass, Stefanie – Vocals, Mario Basner – Drums, Wolf Rambatz – Guitars

Additional Musicians Menage A Trois,Steffi,Tom – Backing vocals, Oli – Bass,backing vocals, Olaf – Percussion, Urte – Cello, Kai – Pano

Tracks 01. The Light, 02. Cold Illusion, 03. Lonely In The Crowd, 04. Paralyzed In Paradise, 05. Straight From The Heart, 06. Wildest Passion, 07. The Legacy, 08. Forgotten,09. Can’t Live Without You, 10. Something, 11. If I Can’t Have You

Profile Sharon were a hard rock band from Steinburg release this rarity back in 1996. The band is the brainchild of Guido Lee Beedo with song recorded between 94-96. The album move on the AOR/hard rock side of the footpath with metal and symphonic touches in parts, but after a few plays it will get to you like the Tax Man inevitably does. The songs are pretty good and you can find some catchy moments, the keys are everywhere and the guitar work quit good but nothing blowminding.

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